Full disk wheel RO 8200

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  • Modern full disk wheel with grooves
  • Wheel diameter 200 mm; centre bore 20 mm
  • Load capacity 150 kg
  • Made of high-quality plastic, hard running surface for soft/robust floor surfaces
  • Scope of supply: 1 x full disk wheel RO 8200


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The wheel is made of high-quality plastic.

Technology + Design

Thanks to its grooves the modern full disk wheel prevents the sideway slipping during transport. The hard running surface provides optimal mobility on all soft/robust floor surfaces.

Our quality bonus: WAGNER castors & wheels are brand-name products tested for quality, safety and longevity.

Additional Information

Wheel diameter 200 mm
Radbreite 47 mm
Axle hole diameter 20 mm
Hub length 60 mm
Load-bearing capacity 150 kg
Type of wheel Full disk wheels
Bearing type Plain bearing
Material plastic
Scope of application Workshop, Industry, Garden