Modern twin wheel castor RO 0116

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  • Modern twin wheel castor
  • Wheel diameter 59 mm; overall height 62 mm; mount 8 mm
  • Load bearing capacity 50 kg
  • Housing and wheels made of high-quality plastic; extremely broad, soft running surface for hard/sensitive floor surfaces
  • Scope of supply: 1 x twin wheel castor RO 0116
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Housing and wheels of the modern twin wheel castor are made out of high-quality plastic. The floor-protecting soft running surface consists of thermoplastic elastomer.

Technology + Design

Due to its clearly defined design, the twin-wheel castor harmonises ideal with sophisticated contemporary furniture design. The extremely broad, soft running surfaces optimise its running properties, protect the floor surface from running grooves and pressure marks and provide optimum movability on all hard/sensitive floor surfaces.

The attachment solution is ingeniously straight-forward: The castor comes with a standardised mount of 8 mm. This mount fits all furniture castor attachments in the Wagner Norm System. They also have a standard size of 8 mm.

This is how it works: The upper part of the attachment makes the connection to the item of furniture. The lower part of the attachment makes the standardised connection to the castor. Plug together - and you are done! Result: Any castor fits any attachment - and therefore every furniture type.

Our quality bonus: WAGNER castors & wheels are brand-name products tested for quality, safety and longevity.

More Information

More Information
Packaging unit 1
Wheel diameter 59 mm
Width 57 mm
Height 62 mm
Displacement circle 46 mm
Back hole diameter 8 mm
Load-bearing capacity 50 kg
Running surface soft
Castor type Twin wheel castor
Bearing type Plain bearing
Material plastic, rubber / TPR
Scope of application Living
Flooring parquet, laminate, tiles, marble, natural stone, concrete, PVC, linoleum, cork
Equipment Soft tread
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