Door wedge COMFORT EH 6975

15 6975 01
4001073 300130
  • Made of high-grade thermoplastic rubber with steel locking lever
  • Dimension 105 x 240 mm
  • For wedging in
  • Protects doors, walls and furniture
  • Scope of delivery: 1 x door wedge COMFORT EH 6975


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The premium COMFORT door stopper consists of a wedge made of thermoplastic rubber with a locking lever made of powder-coated industrial steel, fitted with a handy ball handle and a braking element made of high-quality plastic.

Technology + Design

This attractive and practical premium door stopper offers maximum user convenience and full protection for doors, furniture and walls. It secures the opened door firmly and safely, preventing doors from slamming through draughts etc. The locking lever allows it to be positioned conveniently and safely: Simply wedge the pointed edge of the wedge under the door and fix into place by applying the locking lever. To release, press the locking lever down and remove the wedge - and you're done. Extra safety bonus: To prevent slipping on smooth floor and door surfaces, the upper and lower sides of the wedge are ribbed, the lower end of the locking lever is equipped with a braking mechanism.

Our quality bonus: WAGNER door stoppers are brand-name products tested for quality, safety and longevity.

Additional Information

Length 105 mm
Height 240 mm
Material plastic, solid rubber
Colour stainless steel, black
Function door wedge